If you have never had a Reiki session, or you have a first time appointment with me, you might be wondering what to expect during your session. Upon arrival to your appointment, make sure you have had some water, or allow enough time to drink a glass of water before we begin. Hydration is very important in Reiki. 


Reiki can be a hands-on or hands-off experience. As a practitioner, I prefer hands-on, however your preference is my priority, so please do not hesitate to let me know if you prefer hands-off. I work with the 7 main chakras by checking to see which ones are out of balance and why. Through Reiki, I work to create a balance for each individual chakra, and to balance the right and left side body energy (If you would like some more information on chakras, please click here). Very often, Reiki energy will let me know if another area needs healing energy, so there are times when I might not follow the chakra line.


Reiki works through your clothing, however, it is best if your shoes are removed. When we begin, I will have you lie face up on the table, arms by your side with your palms up. We will begin with a short guided meditation, and then continue on with your Reiki session. At the end of the session, we have have a ten to fifteen minute consultation where we discuss how you felt and what you experienced, and also determine which holistic practices might work for you in order to keep your chakras balanced.


If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact me!


In Love and Light,


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