The Legend of the Yellow Poppy

            Legend holds that a woman came across a witch and was instantly cursed. By day, the lady was turned into a yellow poppy nestled in a field of a thousand other poppies, and when the moon rose, she returned to her human form. She tried to hide her curse from her husband, but he finally confronted her about her whereabouts during the day. The moon was starting to fall, and she knew she had to return to the field, and with tears slipping down her cheeks, she told her husband about the curse and asked him to wait for her each day until she could return at night. Her husband went straight to the witch and demanded she break the curse and release his beloved wife to him.  The witch told him if he could pick is wife's poppy from out of the field of one thousand flowers, she would allow his wife to return to her true form, but if he picked incorrectly, his wife would be a poppy forever. He told the witch to let him have one last night with his true love, and he would pluck the right flower in the morning. The witch laughed knowing this was impossible and agreed to allow him to see her for one more night.


As the moon began to rise, the wife emerged from the field and ran home to her husband, crying in his embrace when she heard the deal that he had made.  He got down on one knee, as he had when he asked for her hand in marriage, and swore to her he would always protect her and he would choose the right flower. As the moon began to lower and the sun began to rise, the husband kissed his wife passionately goodbye and assured her they would be together shortly.  He went and found the witch and together they went to the field. She cackled as he began to search through the myriad of yellow flowers, and watched as he bent over several times to look at the each petal while he searched.  Halfway into the field, he called out to the witch and exclaimed that he knew which poppy held his heart, and as the witch began to walk toward him, he picked the flower and held it high.  The sun and the moon merged in a spectacular eclipse, and the poppy swirled into a human form and then into the man's wife.  They embraced as the witch screamed NOOOOOOOOOOO.  The husband demanded the witch keep her end of the bargain, and the couple returned home to live happily ever after.  The wife was astounded that he knew which poppy she was, and she asked how he could have possibly picked her out of a thousand flowers.  He replied:

"I picked you out of many more when I asked you to marry me. However, I tricked the witch to get you back! By asking for one more night with you, I knew that the field would be covered in morning dew except for you as you were with me when the dew was forming."

Impressed by her clever husband, the wife threw her arms around him and kissed him passionately not only on that day, but on every single day that they were together for the rest of their lives.

This legend is how yellow poppies came to symbolize success. For Yellow Poppy Yoga, the yellow poppy is a symbol of both love and success for your personal self-care path.  True love of yourself, and success as you carry on throughout stress and strife, success and triumph, always remembering to slow down, breath, make time for your practice, and remember that you are a unique poppy in a field of thousands.

Image by Sergey Shmidt