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After a long career with the State of Illinois, I retired at the age of 58. Prior to my retirement, I had begun experiencing back spasms. My doctor recommended surgery, but my inner spirit did not agree with that as a solution. A friend suggested I try yoga. Soon after retiring I began practicing yoga and within a few months of consistent practice my back spasms stopped. It turns out that the spasms were a result of the stress I'd been carrying in my body. I've been practicing yoga for 10+ years now and the back spasms have not returned. After becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2017, I started teaching at Unity Yoga and Wellness, Gold's Gym, the O'Fallon Library and various others locations in the community. I found my passion in practicing yoga, but I found my purpose in teaching it to others. At age 71, I am grateful to be a living example of the health and wellness benefits of a consistent yoga practice along with an active lifestyle. In 2020 when everything shutdown due to the pandemic I started teaching yoga classes on Zoom. Currently I'm still teaching yoga classes on Zoom as well as in person classes in the community. I am happy to be joining my yogi friends at Yellow Poppy in 2022!





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